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About Us

About Switch Payroll

We partner with companies to provide a seamless payroll experience for employers and employees. Our large-scale payroll platform and expansive consulting background equips us to offer strategic client solutions for current needs while working toward your future growth. We build our client relationships with intention and integrity because we believe we are stronger together.

Our Story

It was an idea to bring big company experience to partner with businesses to service and meet today’s employee demands.

It was an idea to bring expertise to find solutions for challenges and be a resource for advisory.

It was an idea to bring technology, talent, and delivery to you.

Why Us?

Switch Payroll does not want to be just your service provider but wants to partner with your business to help you grow, be strategic, stay compliant while also making every effort to create a supportive experience in any changes your company faces.

Our team of experts have years of experience with large to small corporations and have the understanding and knowledge that every organization will need as it relates with Human Capital Management.

You'll be glad you did.

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